The Certificate in Therapeutic Mentoring


About the Course

The Certificate in Therapeutic Mentoring will be hosted by the TRC in the next academic year 2017-2018. It has been developed in response to the need to create teams of qualified professionals working around the traumatised child and young person to bring recovery and restoration. Currently there is a demand for child psychotherapists, art and play therapists to respond to the ever increasing rise of traumatised people needing appropriate intervention. There are 30,000 children nationally on the CAMHS waiting list and approximately 660 child therapists, most of whom live in north London. The average course to train as an arts therapist, play therapist or psychotherapist costs £7,000 if you include the supervision, training and other costs and takes up to four years to qualify. We assert that this creates professionals who are well trained but leaves a lack of resource to meet the demand. In the medical world there are first aiders everywhere, nurses, doctors and specialists. Yet this valued diversity of skill doesn’t seem to be in the therapeutic world. As such this therapeutic mentoring course is planned to train an army of people to respond as nurses to traumatised people to work alongside the doctors and specialists and so respond to the urgent need to facilitate recovery to many.

Our mission is to bring recovery to children, young people and their families. This will change generational behaviour patterns and bring restoration to whole communities that engage with the TRC’s projects.

This course will be run on seven Fridays and Saturdays from September 2017 – April 2018 and will explore the role of the therapeutic mentor. It will unpack key skills of reflection, empathy and listening alongside bringing an understanding of the impact of trauma, the healing power of relationships, the neuroscientific basis of the work that we do and gives key tools for a creative toolbox for engaging therapeutically with children and young people. It also spends time facilitating a self awareness, an understanding of projection, transference and the dynamics of such professional relationships and explores the role sitting alongside other agencies and their provision.
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Certificate in Therapeutic Mentoring Bath 2017-18 : Bookings now open

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