Music Therapy Group for Anxiety from September 2019

TRC will be running 2 groups in Bath specifically for those struggling with anxiety, from September. For boys aged 11-13 (Tuesdays after school 4-5PM) & for girls aged 14-17 (Wednesday after school 4-5PM).

These groups will be to help with the challenge of anxiety, whether it is impacting on friendships, school or general wellbeing. For all causes of anxiety, whether it relates to school exams, transitioning in education, low self esteem or anything else, these sessions will help to find strategies, an understanding and recovery from anxiety.

The group will be delivered by a highly experienced psychotherapist.

12 Weeks - 10th September - 18th December including 2 parent/carer meetings // TUESDAYS AFTER SCHOOL FOR BOYS AGED 11-13 (4-5PM) // WEDNESDAYS AFTER SCHOOL FOR GIRLS AGED 14-17 (4-5PM)

Location - TRC Bath Centre, Freedom House, Lower Bristol Road, Bath, BA2 1EP

By Donation - Minimum of £10 per session. (total minimum of £140 for the term)

Email for a referral form.