Hi there! I expect you are wondering what the TRC is? We are here to help you when you feel sad, cross, annoyed and frustrated with yourself, or with school or with an adult. Some children come to see us when they feel so scared or so angry or so confused and we are trained to help you make sense of the muddles!

We have different rooms where children just like you come each week to work with a trained adult so that life isn’t so full of strong emotions. We have paints, toys, art stuff, puppets, musical instruments and lots of other fun stuff! You’ll have one therapist who you’ll get to know as you use the equipment! 

The adult who brings you will wait with a cup of tea in a group for parents or carers where they chat about the best ways to support you.

We try really hard to be: 
Warm, friendly, kind, not judgemental or impatient but fun and curious about you. 

We don’t tell others what you say and do in your sessions (unless we are worried about you hurting yourself badly and then we’ll have to tell the right adult) so you can trust us that we NEVER gossip or laugh at you or think you’re silly. We respect your feelings and muddles and always believe the best about you!

We look forward to you coming… make sure you come ready to tell us what you want to play with first! Paints, craft, puppets, toys, musical instruments or books?

“The TRC is the only place nothing bad happens. I feel safe here. You understand and help me. Before I came here I didn’t know what to do”
Client, aged 8
“Before I came to the TRC I felt like taking my anger out on everyone around me even they hadn’t done anything and after I came to TRC I felt like I could talk to everyone and not get angry at them. I feel more calm now and have no worries!”
Client aged 8