Oakside creative is an alternative education with a difference. We are focused on the child recovering from trauma and do not facilitate any ‘behaviour management’. We have this provision in Bath but are willing to consider developing this successful model in other areas. 

The centre is a specially designed therapeutic space where the qualified teachers and psychotherapists are all additionally trained in a trauma informed framework that is based on neuroscience. The clinicians lead the day to day work which is focused on recovery not management. The child is taught to reflect and not react; to feel and not to shut down; to use words and explore and think not panic and feel terror.

In this environment the children are able to focus on academic work in between this central activity of recovery. We are indeed ‘evidence based’ and assessments are done continually both of trauma symptoms and also educational outcomes. We delight to see children flourish in every area- emotionally, socially, educationally and holistically.


Oakside Creative Education Centre provides a part time educational programme in a therapeutic environment for children who are not engaging with mainstream education or who are experiencing significant and consistent difficulties in mainstream school.


We provide a fresh start and an alternative model of educating children, which aims to:

  • Help each young person discover, develop and realise their full potential by identifying their needs and barriers to learning.

  • Work in partnership with the TRC therapy centre offering appropriate therapeutic intervention in a 1:1 setting by trained, qualified therapists.

  • Help young people engage with learning by providing a personalised, creative curriculum that is based on the national curriculum.

  • Provide high quality, targeted teaching for children who have fallen behind.

  • Work in partnerships with schools and other referrers to create an individualised education and therapeutic plan for each child.

Core Beliefs/Philosophy

As a part of the Trauma Recovery Centre (TRC), we share some foundational core beliefs about children and young people. We believe passionately that children and young people have the right to learn, to feel safe, and to enjoy life. For many children, life presents difficulties and challenges, and consequently they struggle to engage with education. At the TRC we are committed to working with these children and young people to support them, help them process their experiences and find strategies to help them engage in education.
We believe it is worth it for the one child and are committed to designing both therapeutic programmes for specific challenges. We also put a high value on working with the families and/or carers of young people.


‘Children whose minds are full up with other thoughts and worries about their life outside of school can find it extremely difficult to focus in our classrooms. They will have developed learned responses which served them more or less adequately in those situations, but which simply don’t work in schools.’

Delaney M. (2009)