“I wouldn’t dream of talking to anyone but you about ___. It just feels safe when I talk to you” (Client)

“It helps me deal with stuff better than I would do by myself. If I wasn’t coming here & someone did something that I didn’t like I would beat them up. Now I take a deep breath & walk away” (Client aged 10)

“TRC has helped me tell adults when something bad has happened to me” (Client aged 8)

“TRC has helped me understand that playing with someone is more fun than playing by myself” (Client aged 8)

“I thought at first it would be quite scary but it’s helped me loads. I really like the people who work here and have enjoyed the experience massively” (Client aged 10)

“If I hadn’t have come here I would have been messed up”(Client aged 15)

“I have learnt not to worry much”(Client aged 10)

“I love coming here I wish I could come every day” (Child aged 8)

“Me and my sister are getting on so much better since coming to the TRC…It’s really helped me put things in perspective” (Client aged 24)

“I just need to talk to someone who’s not my mum. It really helps. I feel like you understand me.” (Client aged 15)

“The TRC is the only place nothing bad happens. I feel safe here. You understand and help me. Before I came here I didn’t know what to do.” (Child aged 8)

“I am less anxious.” (Child aged 8)

“The TRC has helped me because it makes me know and feel like I have somebody to talk to about everything and anything I want. TRC has helped me because when I come here I let all my feelings out and be honest. I don’t feel pressured to say anything but I know I can say whatever.
TRC has also helped me because every time I leave my sessions I feel a bit better about myself because I’ve let some of the feelings I’ve been wanting to let out.
TRC has helped because I can come regular so my feelings don’t feel like they’ve been trapped for a long time. I feel like I can say whatever at TRC because everybody’s friendly here.”  (Client aged 15)

“The TRC has helped me by allowing me to be able to share more about how I feel in a new way with someone who has known nothing about me prior to coming. To be able to use different methods in order to discuss and process ideas that I haven’t thought about very much before. ” (Client aged 18)