In Bath, Oxford and Guernsey we provide play, art and creative therapy for children and their carers who are facing trauma and extreme challenges.

Aims of the Therapy Centres

  • We want to help children process what is going on in their world.

  • We want to help them find their voice.

  • We want to give them the time and space to work out what they are feeling, and why, so they can be empowered into a positive, bright future.

  • We want to see trauma symptoms reduced in their every day life and future.

We achieve this by:

  • Using play, art, and music to help children process, think, learn and speak.

  • Ensuring that every child is valued, cared for, listened to, and that their feelings are validated and processed.

  • Providing a network of excellent therapists, carers and other professionals, all committed to proactive intervention, giving children the possibility of a fantastic future.

  • Believing that recovery from trauma is possible and that overcoming challenges leads to a better future.

  • Believing it’s worth it for each individual child.

  • Working in several nations, facilitating similar programmes in other nations and cities.,

Our Specialism as a Therapy Centre on multi sites.

51% of referrals mentioned experiencing abuse of some kind. A further 25% or more of the clients have been affected by domestic violence. The other primary referral reasons are anxiety, disruptive behavior and loss.

We are part of the National Working Group for Sexually Exploited Children and Young People (

Betsy de Thierry, the founder and director of the TRC sits on many other roundtables and working groups. She is sought after to train other charities and organisations in trauma, with particular reference to the recovery process from sexual, physical and emotional abuse, domestic violence and human trafficking.

Work with client parents

 Whilst the children engage in therapy, their parents/ carers have to stay onsite and can engage in a 'parenting the traumatised child' course with a cup of tea/ coffee and a relaxing time of chatting with other parents about the challenges and joys of parenting. This is led by a team of experienced and trained facilitators.

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Our team of creative therapists work with children over an average of 25-36 weeks in sessions in a safe environment where they feel cared for and valued. For some children, their traumatic experiences cause them to need to come to the centres each week for several years while they process and work through their experiences.

We assess the needs of the children using SDQ’s (strengths and difficulties questionnaires) when they are first referred, and then on regular intervals using them as an assessment tool alongside an interview with the parent/carer. We also use other trauma assessments as appropriate.

We are available to offer support to the teachers of our clients and are often invited to offer strategies for the classroom to reduce disruptive behaviour and trauma symptoms.

Recovery from trauma and crisis is a process, and we allow time for this at the TRC by taking the children through stages of recovery:

Stage 01: Creative Therapy

Our staff are qualified play therapists, art therapists, music therapists or creative counsellors who offer the opportunity to work through difficulties with the use of play and creative tools. We also have team who are therapeutic play workers and therapeutic mentors to support our longer term clients.

Find out about the different Types of Therapy

Stage 02: Confidence/Activity Groups

After they graduate from the therapy programme, we try and provide children with therapeutic mentoring. This means that they can enjoy the attachment to the TRC centres and so keeps the children in an environment where they can grow in confidence and experience by taking part in fun activities, designed to facilitate recovery.

We want to facilitate recovery from trauma and so we also work with the parents and carers, and we ask that they are on site during our work with the children. We want to support them in their parenting as much as we are able. They may be invited to partake in a parenting class whilst their child has the therapy or therapeutic play. We believe in a holistic method and will work with any part of the family that needs or asks for help.

Parenting Groups

We facilitate recovery from trauma and so we also work with the parents and carers, and we ask that they are on site during our work with the children. We want to support them in their parenting and caring as much as we are able. They are all invited to partake in a parenting group which looks at a course called ‘parenting the traumatised child’ whilst their child has therapy.