At the TRC, we work with charities and organisations that support children who have faced extreme trauma, including some anti-trafficking organisations.

Our Training Centre in Bath has many aspects, all aimed at helping to develop a better understanding of the issues children are facing, and to provide excellent training to the professionals who work with children, young people and families. We do offer training in other cities and this can be arranged if you email: 

Training Team

We have a team who are skilled in providing presentations and training in awareness indicators of trauma, abuse, trafficking and other issues regarding the care and recovery of survivors.

Training Events and Courses

We put on regular training events and courses, run by recognised psychotherapists and other trainers. These training sessions are open to other professionals working with children or adults.
In September 2015 the TRC hosted the first Certificate course in Therapeutic Mentoring, which trained people to help facilitate recovery for those who have experienced trauma. This is run by BdT Ltd which is the training company of our founder Betsy. 

The Trauma Recovery Focused Training Pathway

4 day Trauma Recovery Pathway by Betsy de Thierry


Introduction to trauma and complex trauma, the trauma continuum and trauma symptoms (Whole day)

Therapy Practice


Self-regulation and how the body is impacted by trauma. A recovery tool kit. (Whole day)

Therapy Practice


Reflection, Resilience & Relationship, Reducing shame and further exploration of trauma symptoms, including anxiety and depression (Whole day)

Therapy Practice


Integration from dissociation. Recovery from complex trauma. (Whole day)

Therapy Practice