We work as a large team with a number of counsellors, supervisors, psychotherapists and other professionals who we contract in to work with our children, young people and adults. We also provide placements for a number of trainees therapists. Every member of our team has regular clinical supervision, according to their level of training and the requirements of their regulating body. Here is some information on the core staff team in the Therapy Centre:


Betsy de Thierry

Founding Director, psychotherapist, teacher, author and trainer.

Betsy founded the TRC in 2011. She has pioneered projects to see children, young people and their families find restoration in the face of their difficulties, find support in the isolation of their struggles, and find care and love in the harshness of life.


Emma Reeves
Art Psychotherapist, 
Lead Professional, Bath Centre

Emma is an Art Therapist registered with the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) and with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). She has experience working in a range of therapy settings; in a therapy centre with children and young people who have suffered sexual abuse and domestic violence, a counselling centre, in schools and in NHS Psychiatric Care.


MSc Art Therapy (Q.M Uni Edinburgh) (BAAT) MA Fine Art (Uni Wales) BA (Hons) Fine Art (Uni Wales) ISSTD Assessment and Treatment of Traumatised Children and Adolescents (ISSTD) Supervision Training Course for Art Therapists (BAAT)

CPD Training

Certificate in Children’s Accelerated Trauma Treatment, Advanced Safeguarding, CADDA Training on Domestic Violence and Substance Use, Drug and Alcohol Misuse, Trauma and Recovery, First Aid at Work, Mental Health awareness, Neuroscience Attachment and Creativity (BAAT), Lead Professional and Team Around the Child (B&NES Children’s Workforce), Team Teach, Working with Children in Trauma

Rosy Corbin.png

Rosy Corbin
Lead Professional, 
Guernsey Centre

Rosy works as the lead professional in Guernsey TRC Therapy Centre, alongside the Senior Management Team at Bath HQ. Rosy is a Social Worker and is also a qualified play therapist registered with PTUK. Rosy thinks she is the luckiest person in the world to work with such courageous, brave and brilliant children. She loves seeing them grow and flourish given new opportunities and safety to do so, it's a privilege to work with each and every one.


BSc Social Work and Social Studies PGC; Post Graduate Certificate in the Therapeutic Application of the Arts (IATE); Certificate in Therapeutic Play (PTUK); Diploma in Play Therapy (PTUK); MA in Practice Based Play (PTUK and Leeds Beckett University. Currently Completing).

CPD Training

Working with Children in Trauma Part 3; Parent Empowerment Programme training; Attachment and Psychopathology; Child Attachment Interview Training (the Anna Freud Centre); ICPC Domestic Abuse Strategy and Drug and Alcohol Strategy; ICPC (Island Child Protection Committee) Annual Conference Child Sexual Exploitation; Recognising and working with parental alienation; Attachment based practice with adults; Working with women who have SA.



Cheryl Unthank
Parenting Group Lead, Bath Centre

Cheryl is a health care practitioner who trained as both an adult and children’s nurse who is committed to supporting parents who have been affected by trauma. As a parent, Cheryl understands the challenges of parenting and how important it is to support the TRC client’s parents and carers in this role. She completed the Certificate in Therapeutic Mentoring in 2015 and trains professionals in an understanding of the impact of trauma with a neuroscientific underpinning.


Registered Nurse (Royal Masonic & Roehampton School of Nursing) Registered Sick Children’s Nurse (Westminster Children’s Hospital) ENB 405 Neonatal Nursing (University College Hospital)

CPD Training

Advanced Child Protection, Understanding self harming behaviour, Disorganised Attachment, Working with Children in Trauma, Certificate in Therapeutic Mentoring


 Nicki Rosser
Certified Play Therapist, 
Lead Professional, Bath Centre  

Nicki is a qualified play therapist having worked as a primary teacher for over 20 years specialising in teaching children who have dyslexia and other difficulties in schools. Since training as a play therapist she has completed a lot of CPD in complex trauma and dissociation and enjoys working with chidlren to see transformation through therapy and in also in supporting teachers in schools.


Post Graduate Certificate in Care and Counselling of Substance Misuse (Uni of Gloucestershire); Post Graduate Diploma in Play Therapy (PTUK); Post Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills (PTUK); Postgraduate Certificate in Dyslexia and Literacy (Uni of York); BEd (Hons) Primary (Bath Spa); SDS Accreditation in Clinical Supervision Level 2 (British Psychological Society).

CPD Training

Safeguarding, Trauma and Dissociation, Sandtray with Traumatised children, Identification of Trafficked Children, Gestalt Creative Therapy with Children. Working with children in Trauma


Eleanor Williams
Music Therapist, 
Bath Centre


Hatty Hughes
Music Therapist, Bath Centre

Hatty is an attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist, supervisor and training therapist, and music therapist. She has worked as an adult psychotherapist for the past 27 years, in a variety of settings including charities and occupational health. She has worked extensively in the field of trauma and the legacy of childhood abuse. She recently qualified as a music therapist and is deeply committed to working with those who have experienced trauma, and to developing effective interventions.


MA Music Therapy (University of the West of England). Registered with the British Association for Music Therapy (BAMT), and the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist (Bowlby Centre, London). Registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). BA Hons, Gender Studies, Polytechnic of East London.


Thinking Outside the Box (Key Changes Music Therapy); Psychodynamic Therapy with Children, Young People and their Parents - Finding meaning, not pathology (Schmidt Neven, NScience); Working with Dissociative Identity Disorder (Bowlby Centre); Learning in a New Key (University of the West of England); Child Protection Training (Educare Level 2): Trauma Recovery Focused Pathway, Stage 1 (Betsy de Thierry); Music, Diversity and Wholeness (British Association for Music Therapy).

Ellie practices as a Music Therapist in both the Bath and Bristol TRC therapy centres. She is registered with HCPC and has worked in a variety of mental health and education settings. Ellie is passionate about children leading whole and fulfilling lives, no matter what they may have been through.


BA Music (Uni of Bristol) MA Music (Uni of Bristol) MA in Music Therapy (Uni of West of England) Registered Music Therapist (HCPC)

CPD Training

Child Protection, Working with Children in Trauma, First Aid, Disorganised Attachment, Understanding Self Harming Behaviours


Jo works in the Bristol Centre as a Play Therapist and is registered with BAPT.


Master of Science in Play Therapy (University of South Wales) Registered Play Therapist (BAPT) BA Contemporary Fine Art (Sheffield Hallam University)

CPD Training

Level One Theraplay and Marschak Interaction Method, Introduction to Theraplay, Managing Attachment Difficulties in Schools, Putting Theory into Practice with Creative Arts, Working with children in Trauma parts 1-3


Sally Herring
Parenting Worker 
Guernsey Centre


Sally has worked with charities working with vulnerable families all of her adult life and has completed the Certificate in Therapeutic Mentoring. She loves to support the parents as they work to help thier chidlren reocver from trauma.


1001 days: Preventing Vulnerable Teenage Pregnancy by Choices; Motivational Interviewing by HIT; Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Awareness Training Workshop by Red Balloon Training; The Trauma Recovery Focused Training Pathway stages 1-3

Jess Nash
Play Therapist
Bath/Oxford Centres

Jess is a Play Therapist qualified as a Social Worker registered with the HCPC and BASW. Jess has experience of working in a range of organisations that support the whole family; in community centres, Youth Offending Institutions, Local Authority Children’s Service, play schemes for children who have learning difficulties, in schools, and charities. She is committed to helping families overcome their struggles, find hope, and enjoy life.


Dimploma in Play Therapy (PTUK); BSc Social work and applied social studies (Uni of Bath); Member of professional bodies: HCPC & BASW & PTUK; Certificate in Therapeutic Mentoring.

Professional Development

Disorganised Attachment, Coercive Control, Working with children in trauma parts 1-3, Human Trafficking introductory course, Advanced interagency Child Protection Training, Interagency E-Safety Child Protection Training.


             Ellie Halford              
Child Counsellor, 
Bath Centre

Ellie is a Child Counsellor through the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education (IATE) and is registered with BACP. Ellie is passionate about using the creative arts and play to help children process their experiences and build hope into their lives.


Diploma in Child Counselling (IATE) Advanced Diploma in The Therapeutic and Educational Application of the Arts (IATE – London Metropolitan Uni) BSc Hons Psychology with Drama (Bath Spa Uni)

CPD Training

Child Protection, Working therapeutically with children on the Autistic Spectrum, Attachment and Trauma, Working with Children in Trauma, Creative Therapy


Joe Tomkinson             
Creative Child Counsellor,  Bath Centre

Phil Woodruff
Certified Practitioner in Therapeutic Play Skills, 
Bath Centre

Joe practices as a Creative Child Counsellor at the Bath Centre. He is registered with BACP.


BSC Counselling (University of East London)

CPD Training

Stage 1 Trauma Recovery Focused Training Pathways; Stage 2 Trauma Recovery Focused Training Pathways.

Phil leads our Activity Group for clients who have graduated from the TRC therapy centre. This group uses playful activities to help build confidence and social skills with adults and other children.


MGeol Geology (University of Leicester) PGCE in Science Secondary Key stage 3 & 4 (The University of Bath) Certified Practitioner in Therapeutic Play Skills (PTUK) NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Playwork (EDI) Advanced level apprenticeship in advanced playwork (Alliance Sector Skills Councils) Level 3 Diploma in Playwork (BAPP)

CPD Training

Paediatric First Aid, Child Protection, Team Teach, Working with children in Trauma

Dannii Gray
Therapeutic Mentor, 
Parenting Support Worker, 
Bath Centre

Dannii has a psychology degree and completed the Certificate in Therapeutic Mentoring in 2015. She now works as a Therapeutic Mentor at the Bath centre and leads the TRC clients' parents and carers through the Parenting the Traumatised Child course. Dannii is passionate about supporting parents to be the best parents they can be to their children.


BSc Psychology (University of Bath) )

Professional development

Certificate in Therapeutic Mentoring, Life Coaching, Certificate in Youth and Adolescence Counselling (In process), Working with Children in Trauma parts 1-3


Xanthe Fry
Creative Child Counsellor & Parenting Support Worker
Oxford Centre

Xanthe is an experienced counsellor, having worked with young people for over 25 years. For the past 10 years this has been as a school counsellor, working with young people on a wide range of trauma, relationship and health issues. Prior to this, Xanthe worked in health, education, social care and prison settings, offering counselling and support to young people and adults, particularly around substance use, relationships and trauma. Xanthe is passionate about the possibility of recovery from trauma, and this remains at the core of her work. The strength, courage, creativity and humour of young people and families inspires her everyday.


Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling (University of Edinburgh); MSc in Health Promotion (University of Edinburgh); Certificate in Therapeutic Mentoring.

Professional development

Designated Safeguarding Lead training from OSCB; The Trauma Recovery Focused Training Pathway stages 1-3; Cognitive-based mindfulness (Oxford University); regular CPD training in: self-harm, diversity and inclusion, sexual health.


Ali Whealy
Volunteer Parenting Support Worker, 
Oxford Centre


Ali is a qualified teacher, foster parent and has completed the BdT Certificate in Therapeutic Mentoring. She is passionate about recovery from trauma and bringing hope.

Professional development

Advanced Safeguarding by OSB; The Trauma Recovery Focused Training Pathway stages 1-3.


Jane is re-training as a counsellor and has come on to the TRC team to lead some of the parenting groups in Bristol. Jane thinks parents and carers are amazing in the job they do, so loves to be working alongside them.

Qualifications and CPD

BSc Psychology (University of London) Community Counselling School Certificate of Completion (University of The Nations) Advanced Training in Pastoral Care and Counselling Certificate (Barnabas Training Consortium) Foundation in Dance Movement Therapy, Distinction (Edexcel) BTEC Level 3 National Certificate, Distinction – Dance, Movement and The Therapeutic Process (Edexcel)



- Play Therapy (PTUK)

- British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT)

- British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

- British Association Music Therapy (BAMT)

- Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC)

- UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)

 Each professional working at the TRC is regulated by their own professional body. They are all clincally supervised by an external clinical supervisor who is approved by their regulating body.