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A Word from the Founding Director of the TRC®

What a year it has been! 2014 saw the charity expand significantly to help many more families in new areas and in new ways! We recognise the importance of the work of the TRC. Research suggests that there has been a rise in both the quantity of children affected by traumatic experiences and the severity of the trauma experienced*1. These experiences are shown to impact on children’s behaviour, learning, and ability to enjoy life.

This is the reality of the situation:

One in ten young people are unable to ‘cope with daily life’ (BBC, 2013).

Child protection referrals under the children’s act 1989 have increased from 160,000 in 1991 to 657,000 per year in 2014.

Half of all mental health problems start by age 14 (No Health Without Wealth: A Cross- Government Mental Health Outcomes Strategy for People of All Ages 2011)

 Yet we know that when there is an appropriate intervention children they can be facilitated to recover, make sense of their world, grow in resilience, recover from trauma and not go on to have mental health difficulties in adulthood. Therapy can change the trajectory of a child’s life.

 There is nothing better than hearing the children and young people expressing their relief that we exist! We love to hear so many comments about how their lives have changed for the better and how much less anxious, stressed, worried or depressed they feel. Betsy de Thierry

*1 Cafcass, 2009; Donnelly, 2013

Our Vision

We exist to facilitate the creative and purposeful recovery of children facing trauma, challenge and crisis. We are a charity that provides creative, play and art therapy, and counselling to children and their parents or carers. We also provide training in the recovery from trauma and abuse to charities and organisations working with children and adults. To see a trauma informed nation would be an incredible step towards seeing effective trauma recovery interventions. Currently TRC is in Bath and Bristol with plans afoot for more centres; we know that the TRC is needed in every city in the UK to help those affected by trauma recover and we will keep going one city at a time! We appreciate your support and know that as we stand together we will see families recover.

'A gold standard provision'

Right Honourable Justine Greening MP, Secretary of State for International Development visited TRC in September 2014 and described the TRC as a “gold standard provision” and stated, “there should be something like this all over the UK.”

A National Picture

The TRC model is unique in its holistic approach. It provides a direct therapy intervention service to help the traumatised children and young people recover, whilst also equipping family members with an understanding of the impact of trauma and effective strategies to support them in the home through our ‘parenting the traumatised child’ course. We also work with the other professionals that may be involved with the family to create joined up support. Often we are asked to provide training for these professionals in an understanding of the impact of trauma and how to support the traumatised child. The Director trains all the TRC staff in a unique trauma informed framework which is also hosted in our centre for other professionals to train in. She also goes out into many different settings, from universities to police headquarters, schools, health services and other charities, where she trains professionals in the trauma informed approach. (BdT Ltd Training)

It is a great delight to be able to share the TRC successes and equip others from our evidence based work of trauma recovery. Our director has presented at a number of best practice forums including venues such as the House of Lords and advises on a number of trauma committees, informing practice at a national level.

Betsy’s book: Teaching the child on the trauma continuum, is also proving to be an essential resource which has benefitted many educational professionals in how to support those in the classroom whose behaviour is exhibiting trauma symptoms.

A word from our clients

This is a story written by a client who has been coming for three years for therapy. She came when her mum had just died and she was living in foster care. It’s written in her own words, as a story for others to read, with only a little bit of help when struggling for the right words…


‘Once upon a time there was a little girl called Mollie. She was 8 years old and sad because she was getting into trouble at school. Her mummy had died and her dad was really sad and ill so he couldn’t look after her, so she went to live with a foster carer. Mollie started to come to the TRC where she played and talked about her brain and feelings. After a while her dad took her back and they both started to feel a bit better because TRC helped them. Mollie changed schools and began to learn how to make friends and to behave (because she used to be really naughty). Mollie used to talk about her sadness, worries, muddles and anger and what happened when she felt them. Now she feels more happy. She doesn’t spend ages crying about her mum and she enjoys spending time with her dad…. she then looked up and smiled and said; “I have completely changed.”’

Mollie, aged 11.


“I came to the TRC when I was 8. My dad had hurt me and lots of other children and I was getting in to trouble at school. School didn’t seem to understand that I was frightened and sad and they kept telling me off and punishing me. I ended up more frightened at school and ended up doing lots of strange things. I was miserable and thought I would never get better but I’ve been coming to the TRC for three years and it’s been the best thing in my week. I’ve learnt how to understand my feelings and why I do the things I do and I don’t do weird things in school anymore. TRC have even trained the teachers to understand. Mum says I don’t know how we would have coped without the TRC and mum says I’m totally changed boy.”

Simon, TRC Client


Oakside Creative

Oakside Creative Education Centre provides a part time educational programme in a therapeutic environment for children who are not engaging with mainstream education or who are experiencing significant and consistent difficulties in mainstream school.

We have five Oakside Primary students attending every Monday and Tuesday. Our team of teachers, therapists and support staff have worked as a team to provide therapeutic intervention and education around a child-led curriculum. We have seen amazing progress in these young people both therapeutically and educationally.

Oakside Secondary is continuing to run on Wednesdays and Fridays, with three girls in KS4. By the end of the academic year, we will have completed two amazing years of Oakside secondary.

“The department is always pleased to hear about the successes of the education system. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and all at Oakside Creative Education for the work you have done within your local community.”

Ministerial and Public communications division, Department for Education.

Therapy Centre

The Therapy Centre has been running for four years and in that time has almost doubled in capacity to see clients in accordance with the high level of referrals and the need for the service in the area. We are still full to capacity and have a waiting list wanting to access our service.

Client Stats

In 2014 approximately 100 clients benefitted from the TRC and 100 client parents have been led through our ‘Parenting the Traumatised Child’ course.

In 2014-15 we gave over 2,500 one-to-one therapy sessions for children and young people and over 540 parenting support group sessions.

In November 2014, TRC Therapy Centre expanded to Bristol and is running to capacity already every Tuesday.

Training Centre

Throughout 2014-15, the TRC Training Centre hosted training courses for externals professionals on topics relating to trauma and trauma recovery.

We have hosted training events for many different professionals who have travelled from all over the UK, such as Bath, Bristol, Wales, London, Manchester, Wiltshire, South Gloucester, Dorset, Cornwall….


We are incredibly grateful for our supporters, fundraisers, monthly Restorers and our grant funders. Thank you!

Freedom Bath & Bristol

Big Lottery (Reaching Communities Fund)

Big Lottery (Awards for All)


St John’s Hospital

Quartet Foundation

Lloyds Bank Community Fund

Barnabus Trust

Co-Operative Community Fund


We are particularly pleased with our Big Lottery Grant which funded a new playground. This is an excellent therapeutic extension for the Trauma Recovery Centre.


The TRC Team

The TRC® multidisciplinary team expanded hugely to bring a range of expertise to facilitate trauma recovery, tailored to the levels of the trauma continuum (Betsy de Thierry, 2013). This team of excellent professionals are unified by a commitment to support families who have been affected by trauma.

Play Therapists

Art Therapists

Music therapist

Child Creative Counsellors

Therapeutic Play Workers

Adult Counsellors/Psychotherapists

Play Ranger


University interns

Clinical Supervisors

Social Workers

Parenting Group Helpers


Each member of our Therapy Team is trained in the Trauma Framework. This training is delivered in TRC Training Centre by the Betsy de Thierry, Founding Director TRC.

The TRC team of volunteers has also expanded with a group of therapeutic mentors, who are trained to work alongside the therapists to extend the team around the child and support the recovery process. Therapeutic Mentoring runs alongside the Therapeutic Activity Group.

What the team are saying about the TRC®

“It’s been an honour to lead a team of therapists in the Bath Centre and see the impact on families who have gone through trauma.”

Emma, Lead Professional – Art Pyschotherapist



“We have been delighted by the warm welcome we have received by many services in Bristol and look forward to further collaboration in the future.”

Ellie - Bristol TRC Therapists


“We have been privileged to see transformation happen for each child that has been able to attend our weekly Therapeutic Activity Group session. With a high adult to child ratio and an engaging programme of activities, we have been able to facilitate the final step of fun and purposeful recovery the TRC has to offer.”

Phil, Play Ranger


“Our parenting course is not the kind where you learn how to use the naughty step! We teach parents the effect of stress and trauma on the brain and body and how this in turn leads to their child’s behaviour. We show them how they play such an important part in their child’s recovery and aim to empower them to parent effectively in their own set of circumstances.”

Cheryl, Parenting Support Worker


“The opening of the playground has been a definite highlight. It is a great therapeutic extension to our centre, designed and built to a high standard.”


Achievements Sep 2014 – Aug 2015

We gave over 2,500 one to one therapy sessions for children and young people and ran over 540 parenting group sessions

Started Bristol TRC centre one day a week for 15 children to receive 1:1 therapy

We started Oakside primary provision for 5 primary aged children Mondays and Tuesdays paid for by Local authorities and schools.

2 secondary students graduated after spending 2 years at the TRC Oakside with significantly reduced trauma symptoms and vastly increased health and well-being.

Our staff were part of 100’s of TAFS, CINs, CP and other meetings and wrote over 40 reports for courts etc
We had our first awards night and our local MP Ben Howlett presented two families with our own TRC Courageous Parenting Award 2015

We employed new staff including an art psychotherapist, a music therapist, a counsellor, a child counselor and we had a new intern.

We had 5 new trustees join the board of Directors to represent the areas of safeguarding, senior education, primary education, the parents and the under 25’s.

We had the Right Honourable Justine Greening MP, secretary of state for International Development visited the TRC in September 2014 and described it as ‘gold standard provision’.

The Director was invited to represent the TRC at 10 Downing Street for ‘charity champions’ in Jan 2015 with the Bath MP Ben Howlett

The Director pioneered the Bristol Children’s Charity Partnership to forge positive relationships between seven charities with similar remits in Bristol.

Our director gave presentations in 8 conferences and delivered training on 17 training days to professionals about trauma.

Our Director had a new book published: ‘Teaching the child on a trauma continuum’

Our blog ‘Helping a child through a crisis’ was read and shared by 1000’s of parents in Bath in the aftermath of a disaster in the city of Bath.

Our average facebook audience is 2,000 with 635 likes on the page and 590 twitter ‘friends’.

We were shortlisted for playwork conference award and our therapeutic play leader delivered a seminar on his work at the TRC at the conference.

We were awarded a grant for equipment from Lloyds community Fund.

We were awarded Bath Building Society 2014-15 Charity of the Year

We were the ADSA green token winner Longwell Green July 2015

We were a Waitrose green token charity in Bristol in February 2015

We continued to be given the Big lottery grant of £190,000 for five years.

We were awarded a fund to renovate an outside area to form a new purposely designed playground with astro turf, a castle with slide and new safety fence by Big Lottery Awards for All fund.

We were awarded grants from Chrysalis and Quartet for our work with parents and St Johns Hospital and Barnabus Trust for the Bath Therapy Centre.

Our turnover was £184,000