We facilitate the creative and purposeful recovery of children facing trauma, challenge and crisis.



Therapy Centre


We have centres in 3 cities in the UK. They are in Bath, Guernsey & Oxford. We provide play, art and creative therapy for children and their carers who are facing trauma and extreme challenges.

Training Centre


Our Training Centre has many aspects, all aimed at helping to develop a better understanding of the issues children are facing, and to provide excellent training to the professionals who work with children, young people and families.

Treehouse Project


The Treehouse Project provides an after-care service in the UK for survivors of human trafficking.

Oakside Education Centre


Oakside creative is an alternative education with a difference. We are focused on the child recovering from trauma and do not facilitate any ‘behaviour management’.



“It helps me deal with stuff better than I would do by myself. If I wasn’t coming here & someone did something that I didn’t like I would beat them up. Now I take a deep breath & walk away” (Client aged 10)


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e: admin@trc-uk.org