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We have centres in Bath, Guernsey, and Oxford (which re-started in September 2023).

Summary of what you need to know about referring: 

Our primary intake of clients is in September, and then we have a few more spaces that become available across the academic year.

How long is the waiting list? 

A therapy session for 3-24 year olds costs £75, and the parenting support for the parents/ carers of under 16 year olds is £25. 

We have a few more options though if you need help with funding, so please see below for more details. 

How much does it cost? 

Email us for a referral form, and please complete the form we send you with some more information and send it back to us. Then the clinical team will be in touch about how we can help you. 

How do I refer? 

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Our Therapy Centres

Bath Centre

Our therapy centre in Bath holds four waiting lists depending on funding.  Please see the guidance table below. For schools and statutory authorities funding, families funding therapy, and families requiring subsidised therapy, we are open for referrals. 

At this time our waiting list for those who do not have any funding or require highly subsidised funding, is closed, whilst we continue to seek grant funding. 

Guernsey Centre

Our therapy centre in Guernsey is currently full and so not open for referrals.

Oxford Centre

​Our therapy centre in Oxford has re-started in September 2023. We can advise about waiting lists at the time of your enquiry.

Waiting list:

We will advise you on current wait times for a therapy place at the time of your referral. Most of our referral spaces are in September and run for the year. This can be changeable and dependent on grant funding. 

We match each client with the most appropriate available therapist for their age and specific needs. For referrals for under 16 year olds, we also provide a parent/ carer support group alongside their child’s therapy. Trauma therapy is generally long term, a minimum of 1 year. 

We are a charity receiving no core statutory funding so rely on individual case funding in order to be able to offer our service.

Due to our wait times we advise that where a child or young person has the offer of mental health support in school, with a school counsellor, mental health practitioner, or therapeutically informed mentor, for example, this offer should be taken up. Whilst we cannot overlap psychotherapy work, we can link up with work being done in school and advise on the best moment for trauma therapy to start when a place becomes available at TRC. 

Our Referral Process: 

Referrals come from parents and carers; schools e.g. SENCo’s, school nurses; CAMHS, GPs, police, social workers, courts and other organisations who recognise our specialism in complex trauma. 

The table shows the four waiting lists and attached costings, with the service we provide. 

To refer a child or young person to the TRC: 


Email us to say that you’d like to refer. We accept referrals from professionals and self-referrals from parents/carers of under 16 year olds or from the individual self-referring aged 16-25.


You will be sent a referral form which we ask you to complete and return to us, to explain in some detail to us your current situation, with any known traumatic events and how this is impacting the child/young person or yourself. This form also includes space to give us details of how the therapy and parenting sessions will be funded. This does not commit you to having to go through with the referral but will give us the initial information we need.


We aim to respond to your initial referral within 8 weeks. A member of the clinical team will contact you for more information and to advise you on wait times for therapy.


(Please note, we cannot work with cases currently going through the courts for custody or other proceedings. Where there is joint Parental Responsibility we require the consent of both parents for Under 16s to begin therapy. We are obliged to provide termly child therapeutic summaries to a parent with Parental Responsibility if they request this.) 


When a therapy space is available we will contact you to arrange an initial appointment for a parent meeting (Under 16’s only) to discuss the referral further and for you to find out more about the therapy and support that we provide. For clients who are 16 years + they can attend themselves for the introductory meeting with their therapist. 


Assuming the family wish to proceed, therapy and parent support group can begin for the family. A parent support group is not routinely offered to parents of young people age 16 years +, however appropriate guidance, resources and support can be offered to the family where needed. 

This initial appointment will assess if therapy is appropriate and the type of trauma, according to the trauma recovery assessment framework which the TRC uses from the BdT Trauma Recovery Focused Model. The type of trauma will determine which therapist works with the child / young person [see our web-page on understanding trauma here]. We match the client appropriately with the level of experience and specific expertise of our therapists.  


You will be sent an update at 12 months wait time on your place. 


The session time of therapy will be arranged, and you will bring the child to meet the therapist for their first session. Please note that there’s limited flexibility on the times and days offered for therapy.


There will be an assessment period for 4-6 sessions after which a therapeutic plan will be put in place with aims of what the therapy will achieve. This will be reviewed regularly.


When the aims have been met the therapy will come towards an appropriate ending over several weeks. On average we see children engage in therapy for a minimum total of 12 weeks and up to 3 years.


The child/ young person may continue to attend TRC therapeutic mentoring groups to continue building resilience and confidence in a group of peers. Older children are offered referral to a mentoring group.

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