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Guernsey Centre

Trauma Recovery UK has a Trauma Recovery Centre in Guernsey.   

Trauma Recovery UK Headquarters

The HQ of the TRC is located in Oxford at this address:

Trauma Recovery Centre, John Eccles House, Science Park, Robert Robinson Ave, Littlemore, Oxford OX4 4GP.

For the first 11 years of running, our HQ was located in Bath in the building of our flagship therapy centre, however in July 2022 we moved to Oxford as an exciting new location for the future of TRC.

Where are we?

Bath Centre

Trauma Recovery UK has a Trauma Recovery centre in Bath. We are privileged to have some fantastic facilities. 

We have both indoor and outdoor spaces for our clients. We have 6 smaller therapy rooms as well as larger shared spaces. Our outdoor space includes a garden with trampoline and specialised equipment to enable recovery from trauma in different areas of the brain. 

Trauma Recovery Centre, Freedom House, Lower Bristol Road, BA2 1EP

We regularly run tours of our flagship therapy centre in Bath. If you are interested in attending a tour, please email us at

Oxford Centre

Trauma Recovery UK has a Trauma Recovery centre in Summertown, Oxford. We have therapy rooms for both children and young people / young adults along with a parent/carer support room.


Trauma Recovery Centre

Therapeutic Activity Group (TAG): A creative and play focused therapeutic space aimed at primary age children. 

We also have a Therapeutic Activity Group (TAG) at TRC Guernsey that often takes place outside, facilitating a therapeutic creative space for play either in woodland or on the beach.

Therapeutic Activity Group (TAG)

Therapeutic spaces currently running at TRC Bath:


Trauma Recovery Centre

Bradford 2016-2019

We ran TRC Bradford between 2016 and 2019 and in that time we gave over 500 hours of trauma recovery help to 40 clients.

Bristol 2014-2019

We ran the TRC Bristol between 2014-2019 and in that time we saw 160 clients (including adults) and gave over 3090 hours of trauma recovery intervention.


Our TRC HQ is located in Oxford.

Our therapy centre in Oxford has delivered 30 months of trauma recovery interventions in Oxford, supporting 17 families and delivering over 500 hours of specialist clinical support.

TRC Glasgow launching soon

We work with children and young people offering 1 to 1 psychotherapy along with therapeutic parenting support groups for the parents and carers. 


We also have Therapeutic Spaces for primary and secondary age children, run by Trauma Recovery workers. These therapeutic groups are for children and young people post therapy, waiting for their therapy to start or as a response to critical incidents. These groups are also accompanied by therapeutic parenting support groups. 


Specialist provisions:

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