You are probably wondering what on earth this TRC is? You may be wondering what therapy is? We are here to help you.

We are a diverse group of therapists- music therapists, art psychotherapists, play therapists or creative counsellors. We all work well together because we all share the same vision that we want kids and young people to be able to enjoy life, have dreams for their life and not weighed down by any negative experience that they’ve had. We love nothing more than seeing young people make sense of what’s happened and feel less confused, angry, sad, frustrated, upset, cross, depressed, anxious or any other emotion that is hard work to live with 24/7.

You’ll be allocated one therapist who you’ll get to know and you’ll have the choice to keep coming back every week, although we usually have a good idea of how many sessions could be really helpful. Its usually between 12 and 36 sessions for one hour a week that is the best length of time to ‘sort out’ the issues that are holding you back. You can ask questions at any time.You can also choose to leave if you want to.

Your parent or carer (if you’re 16 and under) will be waiting in the parents group for you where they learn about how trauma impacts a person’s brain, behaviour, emotions and relationships whilst being served a cup of tea and biscuits! Don’t worry – anything they say in the group is confidential to the group and we are used to guiding any adult if they ‘say too much’ as we want all that happens in the centre to respect you and your needs.

Do ask any questions you like and we're looking forward to getting to know you!


“The TRC has helped me because it makes me know and feel like I have somebody to talk to about everything and anything I want. TRC has helped me because when I come here I let all my feeling out and be honest. I don’t feel pressured to say anything but I know I can say whatever. TRC has also helped me because every time I leave my sessions I feel a bit better about myself because I’ve let some of the feelings I’ve been wanting to let out. TRC has helped because I can come regular so my feeling don’t feel like they’ve been trapped for a long time. I feel like I can say whatever at TRC because everybody’s friendly here”



“Before I used to feel quite sad all the time and didn’t know how to control my feelings. I also felt very confused about my past and had a lot of questions that I was afraid to ask.

Now I feel a lot happier and can let out my feelings and control all my worries. I also feel more up to date with my past and feel like I can connect with my dad. I also feel a lot closer to my mum, that makes me happy.

Future I’m not quite sure where the future is going to take me but I hope I can take what TRC has taught me and use it for the future! I know I will still have bad days and not always be happy but I hope I will learn to help myself at these sad times in the future.”