From Children and Young People...

“I thought at first it would be quite scary but it’s helped me loads. I really like the people who work here and have enjoyed the experience massively.”         

Client, aged 10.

“TRC has helped me tell adults when something bad has happened to me” 

Client, aged 8.


“It helps me deal with stuff better than I would do by myself. If I wasn’t coming here & someone did something that I didn’t like I would beat them up. Now I take a deep breath & walk away”

Client, aged 10.


“TRC has helped me understand that playing with someone is more fun than playing by myself” 

Client aged 8

“I wouldn’t dream of talking to anyone but you about ___. It just feels safe when I talk to you”



From Parents, Carers and Others...

“I don’t know what you do but she’s so happy after the sessions. She is back to her old self. It’s lovely to see”    


“Just when it seems like my world is falling apart, how kind of you to open your hearts to my beautiful boy and me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  



“I really did feel today like nobody understood my kids until we came to the TRC. My daughter said she thanked God for you three saving us today. I really can’t thank you enough for helping us.”



“If it hadn’t of been for the TRC, we wouldn’t have coped the last two years. You have supported and helped me and my son so much. Thank you.”

Dad of 9 year old


“She counts down the days ’till she comes back to the TRC for her session. She has changed so much.”

A grateful parent

“The support we have received as a family has changed our lives. Before we were at the TRC we felt shamed, alone and hopeless. You have supported us through our worst times and you have helped the children’s schools to understand too. You have never judged us but have shown patience and kindness as we all changed and recovered.”

Parent of two children at TRC


From professionals who have attended Betsy de Thierry's training..

“The training was delivered with so much enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise, Thank you.”

Dorset Police.

“For the first time in my life I now understand the young people that I am working with. This has given me understanding and a language to use. Thank you so so much. An amazing day.”

Dorset Social Worker.



“Thank you Betsy so much for a great days training. I was really impressed with the quality of training you provided and really enjoyed how you presented this. You presented in a very understandable was and the information you gave us I will certainly retain and consider when completing work with my children and their parents. I hope one day to attend more of your training.”

Dorset Social Worker. Children and Families team.


From professionals who have attended courses held at the TRC...

“Just a MASSIVE thank you for today’s training, I feel so inspired and alive again. It was fantastic to explore the space you have too. I am very impressed. I felt very happy in the TRC centre. Kate Cairns was a brilliant speaker, a wise sage. It was an honour to meet her and listen to her wonderful years of learning. Thanks and hope to see you all again soon at the next training.”

Inclusion Worker, Bristol Hospital Education Service.